CeLS Private Network

To address slow network speeds transferring data between machines within CeLS due to packets routing out through the internet before coming back into the building, a proposal to install a private network within the building allowing for 1Gbps speed transfers between machines in CeLS was put forward and was approved. This would also allow for departments within the building to archive their data as necessary on the LSI Datastore and for users to access data remotely within CeLS for data collected and written directly to the LSI Labstore.



Level 2, 3 and 4 of CeLS would be provisioned with L3 switches, on on level 2 (central switch) and 2 each on levels 3 and 4. The level 3 and 4 switches would link to the level 2 switch via MM, 6 core (for redundancy) fiber cables. An additional switch will be provisioned in the basement once the new CMIF expansion project is complete, providing CMIF access to the LSI Datastore as well and the ability to relocate their HP servers to the CeLS level 2 DC while still allowing the HP servers to sit on the Simens private network with the rest of their analysis machines in the basement.


Network diagram 3

Predetermined locations within 100m of the switches would have local network ports installed, running Cat 6 cabling back to the switches to provide connectivity. From these local network points, departments are at liberty to deploy their own switches and run cables to connect to their machines.


Awarding Works

Via GeBiz, vendor selected was Sequence Technologies.



Sequence Technologies proposed Dell layer 3 N1500 and N3000 series switches for the project.

Scope of works were as follows:

  • installation of 13A power supply for switch rack
  • installation of switch rack
  • running cat 6 cables from DC to switch rack
  • running cat 6 cables to various point
  • running fibre cable from between levels
  • testing of connectivity of cat 6 cables
  • testing of fibre cable connectivity
  • installation of switches
  • labelling of all power supply and network points



Project started 2nd November 2015 and was completed 20th November 2015.


  • switch rack doors were delayed due to supplier misunderstanding appointed vendors instructions


Project Attachments