CMIF Network Infrastructure

The construction of the new CMIF labs and offices at the basement of CeLS requires our IT team to take over the network infrastructure from the com cen for NUSNET and IP phone connectivity. We are also required to connect up the Simens analysis machines under their own private network through their SRS router while providing an external internet connection from Simens into this private network for their  maintenance purposes.


Requirements and provisioning

Full requirements are as follows:

  • replace current comcen switch with our own L3 device
  • have all existing and new network points connect to the new L3 device
  • isolate 2 vLANs on the new L3 device for NUSNET connectivity and NUS IP phones
  • automatic internal routing withing the 2 vLANs will be required since user stations and phones will be daisy chained
  • Siemens machines will connect to their SRS router and the SRS router will connect to
    1. CeLS private LAN on a seperate vLAN (to connect to the CMIF HP servers which will move to CeLS level 2 DC)
    2. NUSNET link for Siemens to access the SRS router and subsequently the Siemens analysis machines

During construction OED contractors will provide the following:

  • re-run all existing wiring for old network points together with the wiring for new network points to the exit point for the new wall mounted rack in the basement (rack provided under tender specs)
  • run SM fiber from CeLS level2 wire center and MM fiber from level 2 DC to exit point for the new wall mounted rack in the basement


Logical Network Setup


Port statistics

CeLS private LAN :  <32
NUSNET :  39
IP phones :  0 (daisy chained)
Card access :  2 (confirmed, Neo Chong Wee, email dated 20/1/2016)


Construction Phase

The following specifications and works have been included in the tender (Heng Hua Tuck, email dated 21/01/2016):

  • wall mounted equipment rack 600mm(W)x600mm(D)x501mm(H) with 6 nos. of 13A socket outlets to be mounted in the located in the proposed new office space
  • 1x6core fibre optic single mode cable lay from equipment rack to existing Wire Centre at Level 2 ­ NUS ComCen to confirm type of termination for FO cable.
  • 1x6core fibre optic multi mode cable lay from equipment rack to existing rack outside Data Centre at Level 2.
  • 2 nos. data points will be provided for Card Access System
  • existing Control Room 1 will be provided with 6 nos. of twin data points
  • existing Control Room 2 will be provided with 4 nos. of twin data points
  • 1 no. data point for existing WAP
  • data points in the new areas (quantity as per room data)
  • wireless Access Points ­ NUS ComCen to confirm location and quantity


Post Construction

Appointed vendor Cxrus Solutions Pte Ltd will:

  • Setup & Configure 1 x N-Series Network Infrastructure
  • initialize switches
  • configure networking
  • update firmware
  • configure security settings (access control lists, user authentication etc)
  • insert fiber uplink modules and connect fiber cables (from CeLS level 2 wire center)
  • create required vLANs (vLAN information from com cen)
  • configure static routes required to enable access to/from NUSNET via fiber uplink connection (10 Gbps)
  • configure static routes required to enable access to/from CeLS private LAN
  • network switch via fiber uplink connection (1 Gbps from CeLS level 2 DC)

Siemens will:

  • configure all their machines with new private ip range (10.0.0.x)
  • configure SRS router accordingly for the new private IP range
  • connect SRS router to uplink to NUSNET
  • configure 2nd network card on HP servers to connect on CeLS private LAN (Ivan from Siemens has already confirmed there are spare network cards in the 2 servers)

Team will:

  • plug in CeLS private LAN wall port cables to CeLS private LAN switch
  • run single cable from CeLS private LAN switch for SRS router (to connect all basement Siemens machines to the 2 HP servers in CeLS level 2 DC)
  • run single cable from new L3 switch for SRS router (uplink for Siemens to connect to SRS router externally for maintenance)



Team to ensure:

  • Siemens machines can all communicate with each other and can read/write to HP servers relocated to CeLS level 2 DC
  • Siemens can access machine via SRS router from their external link
  • all network ports for NUSNET and CeLS private LAN have the require connectivity
  • all IP phones are working as they should
  • HP machines can be accessed over the CeLS private LAN



  • Project start date has been pushed from November 2016 to January 2017 (email from Ilonka dated 4th November 2016).
  • Contractor (Debanho) will use one of the ports originally allocated for the card access systems for a KNXIP device to monitor the on/off status for the white light, red light and room lux level remotely from MD2 (email from Jason Tun Debanho dated 16th December 2016).
  • Contractor (Debanho) had put their light monitoring equipment into the networking rack – they have been told to remove it and install it into another rack and contractor has confirmed (email from Ayilan Debanho dated 30th December 2016).
  • Switches have been configured and installed into the rack, however we have found that the labeling of the SM fiber and MM fiber have not been done properly hence the cables can’t be plugged to the relevant ports, contractors have been informed (email from Kuan Siong dated 19th Jan 2017).
  • Project completed 24th Feb 2017.


Project Attachments