Generic Modular Booking System

Many of the departments with in LSI have a variety of equipment and facilities for procedures and experiments which are used by various labs. To facilitate an ordered manner of usage, the facilities need to be booked before hand, giving rise to the need of an online booking system.


The system would need to:

  • be modular, allowing any number of facilities to be added or removed without affecting the others
  • not require any proprietary or commercial backend
  • be accessible to both NUS staff and students as well as any outside collaborators who may not have NUS accounts
  • be able to allow each facility to have only a subset of the entire system’s users have access to that facility
  • be role oriented, allowing for regular users, operators who may control aspects of the facility and administrators who have access to aspects of every facility
  • allow each facility should be able to specify additional bookable options (eg. users, different laser types, etc)
  • be able to generate bills based on the lab or PI who may have access to several different facilities
  • be able to track the usage of each facility



The system was written entirely by Mark De Silva and deployed on an internal cloud which is backed up as a complete VM as well as having the databases and webpages exported weekly. CMPR and CMIF are currently using the system and each of their facility booking sites can be accessed at




Project started early March 2015 and completed 23rd October 2015 after various revisions due to user requests.


Project Attachments